Your voice is very powerful if a group of people gather.  We would like to think that wouldn’t we?  Your voice means nothing unless those whom are in charge are up against an angry mob that threaten roll as a state leader: Governor, Congress-man or woman, or a state Senator, etc, etc.

Your voice, your vote can change Corporate America back to America the Free.

“One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter”. (No relation to Boston-No disrespect to the victums).  The so called “Terrorist” I am talking about is the terrorism on our children’s obesity.  Corporate food ad campaigns are teaching our children that fast food is healthier than a home cooked meal.

I’ll be posting documentaries names and commenting what I think about the topics and i look forward to reading your reply.  I only hope someone is watching.

Let’s see how controversial we can get, and I hope change will happen.


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